ultimate price

Lewis Hastings's photo.

“Most of you know that I write and those that don’t – well I do, maybe not as well as some but well enough.
When I started writing years ago it was just a large part of putting my thoughts down on paper. Later it turned into something more,
something that I’m forever grateful for and one that I could never have done had I not gotten sober and stayed that way.
Good or bad life goes on.
As with anything, my writing started to change, change from recovery to just plan life.
Not just my life but those that are around me, around us every single day.
Most times when I’m putting short stories together a small connection can be found and with most times, I even knew who the book was going to be dedicated to well before it was even done and sent to the press – but not this one.
With the grace of God,
I’ll have my fifth book out next year and it will be called, “Taking it to the Filter.”
The title came from someone I knew that referred that statement as,
“Once you made a decision you see it to the end. Taking it all the way, finishing what you’ve started.”
Be it a book, a class, an argument, even a cigarette or going to the gym.
Changing something about yourself – be it for the better or dare I say worst.
Like I said, good or bad; so with the loss of yet another one – another friend passing, I’ve found myself sitting and doing what helps me deal with a feeling, I write.
I write down about a feeling, a feeling that if there was something, anything, that could have been done differently, could I have, and the answer to that question keeps coming back as a no. Yet here I am writing because I’m so damn mad.
So, so very numb and so powerless over the situation that as long as I’m been staying sober people that I’ve gotten close to or not have paid the ultimate price.
I can’t do much from where I sit;
I’ve given my thoughts, my prayers, my condolences and one other thing.
Whenever this new book of short stories does go to print next year,
I know now who the dedication will go to.
It will go to,
“All those that have found the shores of sobriety and to all those that have paid the ultimate price of being in their cups ‘til the end.”
The end of Taking it to the Filter… “


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