New Day…

“When we finally step away from the past and start looking towards that bend in the road that lies ahead of us and come to an understanding that ‘It’ will be okay – we have moved beyond believing and faith and entered a new kind of trust. One that can not be broken by fear and misunderstanding – loss or fame – a sunny day or rainy night. A trust in the process that we believe and we found faith and now we have found the trust to move mountains – as long as we bring the shovel and be willing to pick up the simple tools passed down to us from ones who have. We can walk that path with our heads up – eyes forward – to meet each and every new day…”

just life…

“Sometimes doing nothing is one of the hardest things to do while we watch others make mistakes that we have.
Sometimes doing to much for others takes and stops them from what they’re supposed to learn and experience in life and ourselves – and
Sometimes it’s both.
There’s no rule in doing the next right thing.
That’s just life…”

When one…

“When one is to many and ten is never enough and that power of that first one – so strong, so mentally powerful its influence so great – as soon as I had it in hand that feeling of wellness started to begin. This is the biggest lie I could tell myself, that this fluid, this drug – will make it better – with just this one…”