New Shoes

Walking in my New Pair of Shoes

From the first day that I stopped using I was given what the old-timers call a toolbox.
That first day I stepped into that meeting – unbeknownst at the time I was given the
“How to stay sober spiel.” “One day at a time.”
Please don’t get me wrong by making it sound easy – it’s not – but it can be done.
How often have I heard, “It’s a program for those who want it” not a “Program for those who need it.”
If that were the case you likely would never find a seat to sit on when going to a meeting.
But upon getting that toolbox with all of the information on how to do it.
Was a new pair of shoes to walk in.
Now I’m not saying that I’m walking in their shoes – but I am walking the same path as they are or did.
The ones who came before.
The ones that had no idea what was in store for them.
Not that I knew what was going to happen to me in the beginning – still don’t at times.
But they can tell us what lies ahead – down the road, what to expect, what to look out for.
While walking this path of recovery.
Those first brave folks that trudged along what we call “That happy road of destiny,” while walking in their new shoes.
One day during winter time, right after that first big snowfall, I walked outside to start shoveling – not one of my favorite things to do – but I do it anyway.
I walked to the end of my driveway and turned around.
Looking back on the snow-covered driveway and seeing how my footprints look- this must be how the program looked starting out with one walking down making a path.
So I walked back through the snow making sure to step in the same footprints as before.
Stopping and looking back – the path was a little different.
Walking back through the path again to see my trail had grown just a little bit bigger.
I can see now why they told me you don’t have to pave the road, it’s already been done. I just have to walk on the road that started out a small trail and through the years grew to become quite a big road.
The folks that came before me paved the way.
So here I am traveling down this big lane of happy fortune. Trying to stay in the middle where it’s safe and all I have to do is follow the directions the way they’re laid out – oh- and change everything about myself too.
Seeing the people just ahead of me and asking for help or just behind to say watch out, to seeing what works for some – may not work for me or others.
The path or road is very wide now.
What started out as one set of footprints was turned into a small path, then into a small road to the larger highway we walk upon today.
And if I can just keep on doing the next right thing – I can stop and look around.
To take in the scenery – being okay where I am in life – to thanking my higher power for just today.
And the only real worry on this road of healing is not forgetting that I’m powerless.
Getting my life back was but the first of many miracles. Heck, even having to shovel this driveway is one.
As long as I keep on walking this road.
Be open, be willing, and so I have.
I just keep walking.
Being given new shoes for my feet is one way I like to look at it.
Starting a new way of life is just another.
One step at a time. While walking in my New Pair of Shoes…


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