but I’m not you

“As the texts come in and the phone starts to ring my mind begins to wonder. It will be different this time – the voice begins to cry and the whisper of hope for a new beginning dies. My thoughts go to you because you sound a lot like me, but I’m not you..”
-Taking it to the Filter-



“When is it enough she said, slipping under the water’s edge?
To thine own self be true, as he cleaned out the spoon…”
-Taking it to the Filter-


beginning of a new story…


Time has a way of showing us exactly what’s out there.

Exactly what’s on some one’s mind and it seems the older I get the exact nature of the way it’s supposed to be.

Regardless of how I feel about the situation, event or comment said by some else.

I’ve been schooled by some of the best it seems in my life as I had the opportunity to grow and – well I’m still breathing – so that’s something in itself.

As a young person my teachers where the ones around me, be it a parent, a sibling and as time went on small groups of children I hung with at school, to eventually older kids in the schools that I was attending, to even older groups of teachers as with the folks that I would end up working with and in and around my life to make a life.

It seemed at the time all was well, well – that and I ended up with a habit.

But showing me in the beginning, no – that took time.

The way things are supposed to be regardless if I showed up was something else entirely.

I could tell you that I saw the signs well before things in my life went south.

Or I could tell you that now being free for some time – I can look back and see the destruction, the chaos, the mayhem that I would do to myself and those around me when I was in my cups. Either way, time has a way of showing us, showing me just how it was or as a friend often tells me, “You’re crazy! You know that, right?” To which I would reply, “Ah, yah, I know!” then continue to do the same thing…

-Taking it to the Filter-