“Cookie Dust”

“Cookie Dust”

Here’s one passed down from my boss. “Years ago,” she said to me while in her office. “When I was raising my two boys there were a lot of times we just didn’t have a lot of money. Working hard – just to have a roof over our heads and new clothes – not just for school – just new. We didn’t have a lot of extras. So when it came to food, those snacks around the house, you had to be a little creative. So when the cookie jar was empty and the boys wanted something sweet, I would pull out the wax paper. Pour out the cookie crumbs onto the paper and with a little milk or just wet finger tips we would sit at the table enjoying our very own cookie dust that the cookie man left behind. You’ll be amazed on how much fun you can have while trying to figure out what kind of cookie crumbs you’re eating.” She said laughing. So pass that one along folks. When you need that snack for your kids. Be creative.

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