I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I usually tell folks a quote that I use when I’m going through life’s moments and it goes like this. “My spirituality is not the same as yesterday, a week ago or even months or years. It’s continuously changing. It has to, for I too am changing continually. Be it over time, a day or even just simple moments.”

So when I do come upon those times of distress and have to reach towards that strength that can be nothing short of a miracle can get me through something.

I’ve found that God is in the pause.

I’ve also come to think that when I lose someone, be it by natural causes or by other foul manors. In order to be able to process that loss I think that the dead take care of the dead, just as I’m convinced today that the living takes care of each other.

That their parting soul, their essence, their suffering and pain and even their love have moved on. But then there are those times that I know and I’ve talked to a lot of other people about this that there can be those rare crossings, those moments when we find ourselves thinking of them and we find those signs.

Just as I’m convinced today that those signs are placed in front of us so we can know, maybe even feel their presence, their love from the other side, to just remind us that we are not alone today, that we are loved and not forgotten.

-Taking it to the Filter-


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