life just keeps getting stranger

“The dead take care of the dead and the living take care of the living, but every so often there’s a crossing – every so often there is a need, a wrong that needs righted or a moment that comes that plays out the way it’s meant to be and help is there.
The dead care for the dead as the living do the living just as the crossing, that bridge has happened before – can bring peace to the living as surely as it does for the dead.
It’s happened before and it will happen again, every so often the way is set clear.
The path is open to those in need, those that need forgiveness, those that crave answers and those that harbor trouble spirits.
To see, to speak, to once again find those that are nether here or there.
Sometimes it’s hard, bitter sweet, healing and forgiving, frightening or full of hope.
It can be magical to some just as forbidding to others.
The dead take care of the dead just as the living takes care of those that are.
But one thing is clear, that pathway – that bridge is very Strange..”
-Strange Alice-


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