Apples and Ostriches…

Apples and Ostriches

It’s as plan as that – these two completely different things – it seems I’m completely drawn to.
I mean really – when I first heard the saying, “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.” I thought that they were giving me a compliment as I was bringing the pitcher of beer over to the table that Dad and I were sitting at. Not even looking for trouble when my Dad told the guys around the bar – here he is, boys – just like me, the old man.
Feeling embarrassed on being put on the spot – hiding my head – better yet, my feelings.
So they don’t think less of me.
When I know even then that I was no mere drinker.
Something about wanting more than what was on the table.
Isn’t that why I got up to fetch the beer in the first place.
Feeling less than the people I was with always made me run from confrontation – any confrontations, even when I was with – oh, I don’t know – say, everybody.
When someone said something I didn’t like or disagreed with – I would turn away or hide my head.
There were only a few times I’d speak up, for the most part I hid my head like that ostrich. Hoping that it would just go away.
When I start ignoring the things I have to do – placing my head in the sand or taking someone else’s inventory, pointing out their apple. Life seems so much harder.
Half measures – hell, I wasn’t doing even that.
When I was drinking a lot of things didn’t happen due to me hiding my head or just looking the other way.
Keep low as I would put it. Not sticking my head out there.
Why draw attention to me and my using. Heck, I know how bad I was – well some, I didn’t need you to tell me.
Years later I’m in recovery, and left to my own I can still hide my head in the sand – not taking chances or putting myself out there for change.
Even to look at all of me, good or bad.
The things that stand out most about these two are that I’m just like them in certain circumstances.
In the program we hear about the apple on our heads – or don’t put your head in the sand. Like the ostrich I can – at times – not look at myself.
Not having that faith at times to walk through what life has given me at that moment and that’s just it, it’s a moment.
A moment that will pass.
Avoiding it doesn’t help or make it go away. It’s what I used to do.
Hide, run.
Just someone make it go away, I’d say.
The farther I stuck my head in the sand – the more the problem seemed to get big. ‘Til I take my head out and look – really look at the situation or problem.
Learning to have faith, when there is none.
It’s not going away when I put my hands up to my face to cover my eyes saying la la la. It’s not happening, it’s not happening.
I’ve spent too much time wasted in my using past doing this.
But here in the fellowship I’ve learned that we don’t have to hide our heads in the sand – like that ostrich.
Then there’s the apple.
The one I can see on everybody else’s head but mine.
You can see mine – I can see yours, kind of weird don’t’cha think?
But it’s there nevertheless.
That apple.
I’d like to think that my apple is nice and shiny, full of life. But just looking back at my life, at a young age – heck, even as I’m writing this down now the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
I don’t have to be carrying a pitcher of beer back to the table to start looking at others wrongly. Picking them apart just so I could feel better. Hell, the time I get back to really looking at myself my apple is pointed out by my friends that it’s grown into an orchard.
See how, “They live not living to let live,” to the point of things in my life just start slipping away from me.
I’ve been shown that there is the program and the fellowship. Two very different things. The more I stick around the more I hear, “Live in the solution and not the problem.” “Learn to live with it or let it go.” Oh, and one of my favorites, “Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right.”
With the help of the program I can take care of my apple and learn to leave others alone. The same can be said for the fellowship, where this is the place I can learn that I don’t have to hide my head in the sand.
Take some action, either doing the next right thing, having healthier boundaries, cleaning up the wreckage of my past with those creditors.
Life’s going to happen regardless if I have my head in the sand or looking at others and not staying on my side of the street.
All I can do is really just work on me and keep a look out for those hiccups on this road of changes I’d like to call Apples and Ostriches…


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  1. avteachergal says:

    That was great. I am glad I was able to read that.

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