Making juice out of something that can or meant to be is easy in life.

Well maybe for some.

I’ve had to learn to pick up those lemons that are mine and a few that were tossed at me and try each and every day to make juice.

So in life I’ve found that it’s when I have to improvise and adapt just to survive is where I find the courage and strength that comes from giving it over to God and let it happen the way it was always going to happen anyways is where I find the best juice today.

That energy that I can tap into that will help me through some of the best moments in life to that faith in life when the unfortunate happens, and know that I’ll be alright.

Many years ago a wish person had shown me not just with their words – but more by their actions that it’s okay to fell.

It’s how we get back up to live yet another day and try to make the best of any situation livable by making juice out of Lemons…

The rest will come

“When asking for help and the element that I’m changing every day.
Not to appease anyone.
I think of the phrase, ‘To thine own self be true.’

Now there’s some words.

That’s all I can do today is stay as truthful as I can and that comes with a ton of willingness that I for one can fall short of, on a daily basis.

But that’s the point isn’t it?

To try,

To move forward,

To be true – be true to one self. The rest will come in time.
With God’s help this has been true in my life.

Will, at least with the part of me trying to be more willing and falling short and trying to stay open, and to – oh ya, most everything that can pull me into that tailspin that will keep me from looking at those things that have been a driving force in my life.

The only difference today is that that driving force isn’t driving me off a cliff but driving me to do better than I did the day before, hell even a few minutes before.

So I’ll continue to pray for myself so that I’ll stay willing to pray for those that come into my life and show me with their actions, their fork tongues, their way of seeing life and others poorly just to make themselves feel today and so that I may reflect and be reminded that I, and only I with God’s help can change the person that I was to the person that God always wanted me to be.
To thine own self, be true.”

-Taking it to the Filter-

just because

“Just because we feel alone, doesn’t always mean we’re alone in a crowded room full of people. But being lonely and alone in a room full of people, now that can feel crowded…”
-Taking it to the Filter-