By the Light

“What a shame!” Folks would say.

“They’d have so much potential if they only changed.” Some would say.

But it’s not that easy to walk from that darkness and into the light.

Not when you are truly afraid – of that fear of change that may never come your way again.

It’s been said before, “How dark before the dawn”.

Oh, how true that is for folks like me when the darkness wants to hold on.

It will fight to stay alive, pushing out all hope that the light is really by our side.

When the darkness sees it’s end, it will dig its heels in.

Finding its way to corrupt our thinking, rearing its ugly head to pull us back down.

When all else is said, and done, it’s the darkness that is afraid of the light and only light can push back those moments of flight.

Those thoughts that we’re not good enough, smart enough or even strong enough to look or even walk towards the light.

Morning will come as with every new day – if the darkness held on, nothing would change.

The Powers that be can be our judges and our juries.

We all have some light that pushes out the dark if we feed that side of those overwhelming frights.

To turn towards the new day making small changes that will help us face those dark moment – that darkness that will not last with faith of a new day.

A new way to help me, help us, see to a better future and not to forget the past, that darkness within – but by accepting what was and moving towards forgiveness from others, for others and ourselves.

For when the darkness comes, we can all see that little flicker of light – we can all have that new Power that has been there all along in helping us push back that madness, that darkness, that feeling of fright.

So, it is with faith today and with some trust and with much hope that a new day will come to us all, when darkness succumbs By the Light…

-Taking it to the Filter-


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