“So that’s why you asked me if I wanted to be back here? You weren’t talking about these groups – but sitting in the back, right?”
“Well my young friend, if nothing changes – nothing changes and if that happens, I’ll be doing the same old – same old thing that got me here in the first place. Wouldn’t you agree?” I said to them.
“Yeah – and I ended up doing the same thing.”
“Well now you’re not – right?”
“Yeah.” They said to me.
“Are you going to sit down by me or was this just a big hoax to get me closer to the front?”
“Well, I don’t think you want to be sitting where I’m sitting.”
“Why- where’s that?” They asked – as I walk up to the front of the room and sit down at the chair table and introduce myself and told the group who and what I am, as I look over at my new friend, “So it’s not any surprise that I ended up back here. It Happened Before…”
-Talking to the Filter-


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