Prides Bride

Pride leads the procession down the aisle.

Leading the way that rules Prides life.

Looking down at the end was Prides Bride.

So, so beautiful. So bright. So mine.

As Pride gets closer – passing the pews – the smiling faces of, The Wants, The Greed’s, and the Mores.

Taking that deep breath and fluffing out those peacock feathers so all could see.

“This is intoxicating!” Pride thinks.

“What excellence. What creature on this big green world wouldn’t want to be in Prides shoes?” He thinks to himself.

As Pride comes ever so closer to his Bride.

How proud Pride is knowing that this is it – this one next step – brings Pride standing side by side to the Bride.

“Why won’t Pride look at me?” The Bride thinks.

“Isn’t my self-esteem good enough?”

I see all these eyes upon us and that look of, “They so want to be me stare.”

Good the Bride thinks.

“Let them have their eyes of wants and greed.

Those eyes of fear and more.

They could’ve been here but I beat you all.”

Lifting their heads up to hearing.

“We are gathered here today, to see these two join together, a union unlike any other.

A beginning of a life full of unending causes.”

As the crowds of eyes stand watching the happy couple parade back down the aisle. “Look at them all.” Pride thinks.

“So full of want and greed.

So full of fear and more.

Good I‘ll take them all.”

As Pride looks on.

“Why won’t Pride look at me?”

“Even those of the crowd evade their eyes from me, what’s so wrong with me?

Haven’t I given Pride enough?” The Bride thinks.

– All the Kings Houses’ –


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