Yard-Sailing Zombies

Many, many trips started out with us sailing alone, looking for that one special yard sale.
That one stop where you’ll find that – well let’s just say unique items for lack of a better word then saying junk.
That one item you just can’t live without better known as your stuff becoming mine.
So we headed out, sailing down the streets looking for those colorful signs.
Those large arrows pointing the way to that promise land of other peoples stuff and there is was – that sign pointing down that dead end street.
That should have been our first warning to turn around. Go back.
No good horror movie ever started out looking like doom, always looking like milk and honey.
So like any good yard-sailor, we pulled down the dead end street and stopped at the end of the driveway. Once again the dead shrubbery should have been a giveaway in the June morning sun.
“All the Kings House” 


2 comments on “Yard-Sailing Zombies

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