It Happened Before…

“Why’d you ask me if I wanted to be back here for?” They said to me as we walked closer to the front and finding two seats in the second row.
“This isn’t to close for you is it?” I ask as they sat down looking very nervous up at me and to answer your question. “I had asked you that in hopes that you’ll be willing to do something different this time around. That by sitting way back there you seemed to be doing the same thing all over again – am I right?”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“That’s simple – you look a lot like me, and if you’re anything like me I had one hell of a time trying to fit in. Never really thinking that I fit in at times and that all these people had no idea what it was like being me and the bottom line was that I was here and I really didn’t have any other place to be at. In plain words – I was scared and if the things in my life didn’t start changing, it felt like I was going mad or just plain die. Not a place I would recommend to anyone.”
-L.E.Hastings- ‘It Happened Before’


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