Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee





Thank you all so very much for all the birthday wishes. It really does mean a lot to me.

It also reminds me just how many people are in my life today, and I am truly grateful for that.

As I went along through my day, refracting on the year past. The ups and downs of my life, those moments where I can look back on and smile or just be grateful that it wasn’t me, I tend to think of my mom and dad who are not with me on this earthly plain anymore.

For those among you on this road of happy destiny, you’ll know what I mean when I tell you that I was outside at one point at work thinking about life.

Being all caught up on the who’s, what’s, and indecisions of my life, and I started to think about my mom.

Way before I was free from this obsession, my mom had to have surgery due to her illness.

When the doctor told her that she wasn’t going to be around this time next year, that she had better put her life in order, and then sending her on her way, that’s exactly what she did.

She put down those things that was destroying her life and turned to God. 

A God of her understanding.

I remember her getting into watching QVC and liking some of the jewelry most often anything with a bumble bee on it.

When I finally asked her why she likes those types of bees, her response was plain and simple.

She told me that on a scientific point of view they should not be able to fly.

That their bodies outweighed their wingspan.

But fly never the less they did.

But on a more spiritual nature, she told me that someone just forgot to tell them that and they just did.

She often looked at them as a good reminder of doing the impossible.

She lived nine more years.

As time went by and I would stop and think of my mother I would always see a bumble bee and think, yup, there’s my mom.

So sure enough, while I was outside at work contemplating my life it flew by my head and landed on my vehicle.

Shaking my head with a sigh, a prayer, and a thank you, I went back in and finished off my day.

Thanking my mom for stopping by, praying to God for this life today, and sighing to myself that life is good today as long as I get out of my own way and just believe that I can fly.

Fly, just like that Bumble Bee.                        



One comment on “Bumble Bee

  1. Cathy says:

    This is just awesome Lew! I am often reminded of my dad by a white butterfly!

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